Sunday, May 13, 2012


In this last week’s news we finally have a picture of where the billionaires’ lobby is reaching, as heard from their chosen lackey. Scott Walker is on tape about his plan to divide and conquer Wisconsin working people and reduce them to brand of servitude lower than that they have seen for almost 100 years.  There is not even a hint of the limitation of employer arbitrariness almost unknown since the New Deal.  For a nation founded on equality, it is shameful that they are hopeful of reducing to mockery the 
goal of equal justice under law, and to restore the image of a people who are cruelly ruled by a rich minority. What is even more shameful is the eagerness of some in a State founded on the Enlightenment to be ruled by a badly educated puppet on behalf of billionaires who have no inkling of the ideals of justice and due process as it came to us through Jefferson, Lincoln and the Roosevelts.  We pride ourselves as a free people.  The greed of the plutocrats is a danger to that autonomy. The Constitution is our shield against that greed and the loss of our freedom to what Teddy Roosevelt called  “malefactors of great wealth”.  To defend ourselves we must know who we are and who seeks to use us.  Our salvation remains the ballot box.

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