Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Commentary for June 14th

Electing           WORT                    A. Beck                    6/14/2012
Just in case it wasn’t obvious before, the election we have just witnessed in Wisconsin should tell us all what many of us have
known for a long time: The ability of immensely rich people to buy
very persuasive advertisements without revealing who is paying is
equivalent to putting all supposedly democratic elections up for sale to the highest bidder.  In this election, Scott walker travelled
the whole of the United States in the interest of soliciting funds
from rich people with special political interests, amounting to class
war on working people, a tactic that would have been more
obvious if it had been clear who was paying to spread untraceable messages in the interests of special economic groups. The
difference from the groups that were favored by the majority of the Supreme Court, while not provable, could call up a serious lack of belief in the fairness and creditability of a Court that seem so
unilateral as to undermine credibility in the integrity of said Court. 
The selling of election rules, whether for cash or for intangible and secret  interests, must be seen as a violation of the American social
compact. If the doctrine that money is speech and has the privilege
of private conversation, even when broadcast in loud, but
unacknowledged authorship, is a visible bending of  the spirit of the rule of law, and this election makes that clear.

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