Monday, July 2, 2012

Medicaid - July 5th, 2012

Medicaid                          WORT                                    A. Beck                                        7/5/2012

Today WI, like all other states, has been required by the newly confirmed health law to make provision for certain groups in the structure of Medicaid for those whose incomes are below the poverty line to have health insurance at the Federal expense and also the same for those between poverty and 130% of that to have it with payment of 90% from Uncle Sam. The latter number drops to 80% after 2 years.  Fortunately, WI has a perfect model to follow in the health insurance provision for State employees. Those familiar with that program know that the cost to the State and the participants is quite modest compared to modest-sized group insurance plans, and the service is excellent. If the state would open the employees’ plan or copy it for companies that would pay all the remaining costs, if any, that would be an excellent pattern for meeting the Medicaid needs.  Of course, it appears that would not meet the ideology of the billionaires that own Scott Walker, so he is holding off enacting any program there until he knows who will be the President in about 6 months.  Meanwhile, some of those not yet covered will become ill, some of those seriously, and some of those might die while Walker awaits the orders from his masters.  The health, and even
the lives, of the little people, some of whom were foolish enough to vote  for him, are obviously a matter of no concern to the puppet of the billionaires.

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