Monday, August 13, 2012

August 16th, 2012

Around the world, it seems, the pundits are gathering to say that Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan for VP will gain him little and lose him much. I must say that when the opinion comes from The Guardian of London, there is a strong smell of wishful thinking about it. And a similar caveat attends the same analysis when the domestic press reports a similar opinion among the Dems. We must all remember that sort of thinking attending the candidacies of Reagan and Baby Bush.  There was disbelief attending those elections.

Given the effectiveness of the billionaires in buying slick PR for Walker, a man without much to be admired, the cheers of the liberals need to be taken with plenty of salt.  So be careful how casually one might dismiss the salesmanship of a billion dollars of TV time in analyzing the potential attraction of a good-looking young man with the heavy cannons of Madison Ave behind him. Still, I hope that the views of those who won the day for JFK may overcome the ads late in the day that proved effective for Walker.  We may not know what swung the day for that empty-headed young drop-out from Milwaukee. I hope that we will find the way to neutralize the poison loosed in our body politic by those like those from the professional liars bought for the defeat of John Kerry.

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